Follow The Light

Black & White brings out realism of a scene that gets
to the heart of the subject with simplicity and clarity.


Possibilities From

Colour is a powerful influencer that affects interpretation
through its plethora of tones and reflections.


Asian Accent

Wander the streets of Chinese cities with my cameras I see a race towards moderisation to “catch-up” with other modern 21st century countries.  And as I reflect on this portfolio I see the lingering antiquity of past generations slowly giving way or accommodating the rapid changes taking place at this time in China’s history.

Colour Accent

This particular group of images reflects a potpourri of work that illustrate the nature of colour in nature.  The images come primarily from the Alpine and Prairie elements of Canada in various seasons.  But not just colour for colour’s sake, but to show how it accentuates a particular scene or landscape.  Of course, the permutations of colour to scene are endless, here are just a few samples.

Asia Accent

Colour Accent


An essential part of my photography is to bring a personal aesthetic experience across the constant flux of our world’s changing perceptions and experiences that resonate with personal creativity and meaning.  Photography provides one way to bridge the God-given creativity of the inner eye and connect visually with viewers.  It is through photography that I hope to convey an emotional expression to bring the panoply of life in a form that enriches our lives and nourishes our minds amidst a damaged world.


Sooke, BC

Juried Arts Exhibition, Sooke Fine-Art Show,

Tokyo, Japan

Member’s Show, Japan Pinhole Photographic Society

Sooke, BC

Juried Arts Exhibition, Sooke Fine-Art Show,

Victoria, BC

Solo Exhibition, Legacy Gallery, Café Conversations

Paris, France

Group Exhibition, Lucie Dupuis Galleries.


Group Exhibition, 3rd International Festival of Pinhole Photography

Brussels, Belgium

Group Exhibition, Contemporary Art Section, Royal Museum of Belgium

Nicosia, Greece

Group Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art